Workshops Videos

We invite you to watch videos from the latest Zimriya workshops’ final concerts:

Workshop No. 1
Afro-American Spiritual & Gospel Music
Conductor: Anton Armstrong, USA

Workshop No. 2
Romantic Music
Conductor: Timothy Brown, UK

Workshop No. 3
Songs of all Nations
Conductor: Michael Gohl, Switzerland

Workshop No. 4
Jewish & Israeli Music
Conductor: Aharon Harlap, Israel
Ethnic, prayer & folk songs from the varied traditions of Israel

Workshop No. 5
W.A. Mozart: Mass in C Minor K.427
Conductor: Volker Hempfling, Germany

Workshop No. 6
Rhythms from the Balkans to Jazz – Workshop for Equal Voices
Conductor: Theodora Pavlovitch, Bulgaria

Workshop No. 7
Ludwig v. Beethoven – Mass in C Major, op. 86
Conductor: Stanley Sperber, Israel