The Sacred & Secular Zimriya
Musical director: Mordechai Shelf

In 2023, the Zimriya will mark its 70th Anniversary and will celebrate the Israel’s 75th Anniversary with the participation of hundreds of choir singers, continuing a dozen-year tradition in which the Zimriya is hosted in Acre.

We are proud and excited to host world-renowned workshop conductors who will come especially to Zimriya from abroad: Sofia Gioldasi from Greece, Andre de Quadros from the USA, Tim Brown from England, Sidumo Nyamezele from South Africa, and the Israeli Yuval Weinberg who will come from Germany.

For four days and nights – concerts, performances, workshops and unique gatherings will fill the air of the Knights’ Halls and the New Cultural Hall. Akko will turn into a huge celebration of music, performances and choral singing.

The choir is the realization of the vision of Aharon Zvi Propes, who in 1952 initiated the Zimriya when he was in the Ministry of Tourism in the Prime Minister’s office. he saw in the Zimriya an international gathering of members of Jewish choirs similar to “Maccabiah”.

The first Zimriya took place 70 years ago in front of an audience of thousands. Since then, the Zimriya has brought to Israel thousands of choir members from around the world, from South America to Hong Kong, from Iceland to South Africa, all of whom remain goodwill ambassadors for the country of Israel to this day.

There is no match from Acre, which has been hosting the choir for the past 12 years in the magnificent knights’ halls in the ancient city and in the new cultural hall, and serves as a hostel for magical sounds that combine old and new in wonderful harmony.

The choir will open with a celebratory concert combining a variety of Israeli works performing Israeli choirs, later the wonderful piece Carmina Burana will be performed, the next day Ziv Yehezkel with a choir and a chamber orchestra will introduce “The prayer of requests” and for our Final Concert we are excited to host the Golden Gate Quartet again!

Join us in this wonderful celebration of Choral Music in Akko, where music, history and gastronomic experiences meet!

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