Opera Zimriya 2016

7 – 11 August 2016
Akko (Acre), Knights’ Halls, Old City
Sounds between the Walls of ancient Acre

For the First time in the history of the Zimriya the International Zimriya will be
dedicated to the Opera.
Choirs and singers will sing Opera choruses with The
The wonderful combination of Opera choruses performed by choirs and
soloists accompanied by an orchestra, provides an opportunity for a unique
Haifa Symphony Orchestra at the Final Concert.
musical experience!
Acre, a world heritage city http://www.akko.org.il/en/ is renowned for its magnificent blend of
old and new, sea and land, people of three religions and authenticity in a world of many

Daily Workshops with:
Federico Bardazzi, Italy, Tim Brown, the UK
& Yishai Stekcler and Aharon Harlap from Israel
Night concerts, Open Stage, ‘Choir to Choir’ performances, Open Singing &

Night Celebrations!
A concert and a get-together with a hosting Israeli choir.
Come & Join this magic that will happen in the in spectacular Old City of Acre!

For more information please contact:
Tel:  +972-3-6041808 Fax: +972-3-6041688
harzimco@netvision.net.il   www.zimriya.org.il
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