23rd Zimriya, 2013

World Assembly of Choirs in Old Acre, Israel

5-15 August 2013


The 23rd Zimriya, celebrating 60 years of activities, will hold the biggest musical & cultural event in the subterranean Crusaders Knights’ Halls and open space areas in the spectacular old historic town of Acre: http://www.akko.org.il/en/

For 10 days, in the summer of 2013, we will hold a celebration of Choral Music: a festival including workshops and concerts of choirs and ensembles from all over the world, which will gather to create a unique sound of choral music.

This magic will happen in the in spectacular Old City of Acre. Workshops of various choral music, led by world known conductors, as well as public concerts and ‘Choir to Choir’ performances, will be held day and night throughout the Zimriya; ‘Open Stage Performances’ of choirs, singing groups and ensembles will take place in the crescents of Acre during this festive celebration as well.

The well-known and experienced Israeli conductor, Rami Barber, will lead the Music Committee of the 23rd Zimriya.


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