Festive Opening Concert


Sunday, 6.8.2017 at 20:30

The Crusaders Yard, Knights Halls’, Old City of Acre


Shimon Lankri, the Mayor of Acre

Colette Avital, Chairperson

MC: Zouheir Bahloul



The Golden Gate Quartet, American Gospel Legend

The famous Vocal Quartet – “the Golden Gate – American Legend” Has existed for the past 80 years, way before the Rolling Stones and the Pink Floyd.
This Legendary Quartet cannot stay invincible and unaffected by the changes of time, but the style, the sound and the spirit of the “Gates” will stay forever.

In 1934, four College students from Booker T. Washington, who had a passion and enthusiasm for music, founded the GOLDEN GATE QUARTET JUBILEE SINGERS, which became the “Golden Gate Quartet”.

The world-famous gospel ensemble that has become so famous in the world that it has not ceased to perform all over the world from the period after the war to the present.
Since the foundation of the Quartet, the original members had passed away, but the most experienced singers trained its new members. The new generation of the Golden Gate always kept a respect for their tradition.


Paul Brembly, Baritone, and the Quartet Leader

Since the Passing away of Orlando Wilson in 1999, it was Paul Brembly, A member of the Golden Gate since 1971, who was best suited to inherit Wilson’s leadership. Brembly had become the mainstay of the quartet. Brembly is always working on the cohesion of the quartet, preserving the Artistic and Spiritual Legacy of the Golden Gate Quartet, and staying true to its Artistic vision that was set with the Quartet’s foundation.


Frank Davis – First Tenor, a wonderful Tenor, member of the Golden Gate Quartet since 1996.


Mike Robinson, Second Tenor, replaced Timothy Riley. Robinson is from Chicago and he sings Gospel since the age of five with his Father, an Evangelical priest.


Terry Francois, Bass, was “recruited” to the Quartet by Orlando Williams in 1998. He was back in the group in 2012 and replaced Anthony Gordon

Accompany the Golden Gate Quartet on stage:

Daniel Pines – Piano, Joel Rocher – Bass, Pascal Riou – Drums.