The Sacred & Profane Zimriya

The Sacred and Profane Zimriya festival did not take place on the 21-24 of June 2020, due to the Covid-19 virus…

The Zimriya is the most important of its kind in Israel with hundreds of singers every year participating in workshops and concerts of choral music. Members of choirs from Israel and abroad spend 4 days during which they study new works for choir with internationally renowned choral conductors who contribute their skills and time to the Zimriya.
All concerts are open to the public.

The Zimriya, celebrating 68 years of activity, initiated by A. Z. Propes in 1952, will hold one of the biggest and most important musical & cultural events in 2020, in the subterranean Crusaders Knights’ Halls and open areas, in the spectacular old historic town of Acre:

Workshops of Liturgical music, Sacred & Profane, led by renowned conductors, as well as public concerts and ‘Choir to Choir’ performances, will be held day and night throughout the festival; ‘Open Stage Performances’ of choirs and singing groups and ensembles will take place in the pathways of Acre during the festival as well.

The Workshops & Masterclasses that were supposed to happen: 

Meeting The Golden Gate

Haled Abu Ali – Sufi Ritual Dance

LOLIK – Ladino songs

Zoli Frank – Hassidic songs

Rami Barber, Israel – Hebrew Psalms in an European Baroque

Mati Lazar, USA – Sacred Jewish Psalms

Yair Klinger – French Chansons in Hebrew cover

Jeanne Rabin – Get the Groove

Dominique Clerence, France – When Gospel meets Hebrew songs

Nizar Elkahter – Sacred Music in Islam, Arab & Jewish

Boaz Kabilio – Vilenski & Argov – 110 Anniversary

Avi Faintoch – David Zehavi – 110 Anniversary

Pnina Inbar – Israeli Songs – arrangement

Alternating Daily Workshops: Ladino, Body language, Sol & Voice etc.

Night concerts: will be held every night at the Knights’ Halls, Old Acre

Open Stage: choirs, ensembles and singing group’s performances

‘Choir to Choir’ performances: daily in the subterranean Crusaders Knights’ Halls.

Night Celebration with Beer and wine: Singing and dancing into the night


The Sacred & Profane Zimriya
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