The 22nd Zimriya World Assembly of Choirs in Israel 16-25 August 2010

The 22nd Zimriya took place on the beautiful campus of the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus, overlooking Jerusalem.

Choirs from all over the world were invited to participate. Workshops, led by world known conductors, took place mornings and afternoons. In the evenings there was open Singing of songs from various countries, and Choir to Choir sessions. A public Gala Concert took place at the end of the Zimriya.

Conductors & Workshops

The Founding Generation:
Aharon Zvi Propes, Founder & Director
Dr. Yaacov Hacohen, Chairperson
Emma N. Schaver, Chairperson
Judge Haim Adar, Chairperson
Esther Herlitz, Chairperson & Director
Ilana Barnea, Director

Music Directors:
Frank Peleg
Shlomo Kaplan
Avner Itai
Michael Shani
Yuval Ben Ozer

Aharon Kidron, Producer