Special Thanks

The Zimriya Wishes to Thank
The Municipality of Acre
The Ministry of Culture and Sport – Culture Directorate
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Old Acre Development Company Ltd
The Acco Theater Center
The Nautical College
The Municipal Conservatory Straus
Mateh Asher Regional Council
Galilee Development Authority
Hallel – The Israel Choral organization
Mila – The Israeli Center for Choirs and Singing Groups
Our Special Thanks
Mr. Shimon Lancry, Mayor of Acre
Dudu Harari, Head of the Old Acre Development Company
Yossi Fitousy, Coordinator
Sharon Dahan, Spokesman Akko Municipality
Gabi Ben Yair, Hear of Liecing Acre Municipality
Yossi Cohen, Head of Youth centers Akko
Maor Benzino, Akko Auditorium
Lior Maman, Neto Acco
Yael Ban Cohen, Sub Administration, the Nautical College
Shmuel Kahana, Head of Municipal Conservatory Straus
Mirit Strumza, PR
Yoav Belinsky, ‘Hallel’ Webmaster
Boaz Brill, Photographer
Mordechai Shalef, Head of Finance Committee
Yoni Lucas, Board member
Yael Lavi-Bleiweiss
Ph. D Jenny Zafrir
Tova & Sani Sagol, Keter Plastic