Zimriya 2021 – Back to Akko

About the Zimriya

Music Directors:
Ron Gang & Avi Faintoch – MILA’s 20th Anniversary
Anat Dor – Youth & Children choirs’ day
Mordechai Shalef – South American Music Day

After a break of a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Zimriya returned to Acre with a colorful festival of choral music. Following its tradition of the past 10 years, the sounds of music and singing returned to the Knights Halls in the Old  City of Acre.

The Zimriya opened on Sunday August 1st, 2021, with an Opening Concert in the presence of the Mayor of Acre, Mr. Shimon Lankri and dignitaries of Acre. The concert, led by the Musician, composer and singer Yoni Rechter and his musicians, took place in the yard of the Crusader Knights’ Halls in the Old City  of Acre.

On Sunday the Zimriya saluted “Mila” – the Israeli Center for Choirs – which celebrated its 20th Anniversary.  Hundreds of singers opened the evening concert with the “Knights’ Singing” by hundreds of singers from the top of the Crusader’s Courtyard stairs.

The second day, Monday 2nd August, hosted – for the first time in the Zimriya – more than 250 singers of the best youth and children’s choirs of the country.  During that day the children will enjoy musical tours of the Knights’ Halls, workshops, concerts and “Choir-to-Choir” singing enabled the singers to mingle and get to know each other.

In the evening, the children choirs joined the evening concert led and performed by David Zeba and four singers of the Israeli Opera. Special guests at the concert were conductor Zoli Frank with singers of 5 of his choirs performing Classical music in a modern style.

On Tuesday, August 3rd, a huge celebration of Latin American music led to the closing concert with the “Misa Creola” by Ariel Ramirez with the participation of the Union Choir, The Ensemble of Folklore Latino-American Music and hundreds of singers from the audience.

As always, there were enrichment workshops and Choir-to-Choir performances throughout the day.

Every day at 19:00 there was an outdoor “Shiluvim” – performances in which Israeli and Arab ensembles shared the open stage at the Magical Garden.